Midterm pt 1

Menu Screen

I took a tutorial on how to make a menu/start screen, and made my start screen with it. The setup is not fully complete as I want to make more parts of the game before I fully decide on fonts, position etc. But so far it consist of a start screen with the name of the game, a play and exit button. The play button will start the game, while the exit button will prompt a popup asking the user whether they are sure they want to quit. I later want to add a scoreboard.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.49.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.49.58 PM


For the controller I went back and forth a lot on design and inputs, and I ended up going with only buttons for input, so that it could be a handheld controller. I’m still not exactly sure about the design, but I am thinking something like what is seen below.

I want the controller to be simple and easy to hold, so before setting on a shape, I want to try to print on in cardboard. As a final controller I plan to print it in wood and layer it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.55.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.56.34 PM

Week 4

Game idea

For the game idea, I want to make a top down game where the player controls a “soldier”, who has to defend himself from spawning enemies. So far the idea is to control the soldier by only moving forwards and backwards, to go in different directions, the player has to spin the soldier in the desired direction, to then move forwards/backwards. The enemies would spawn outside the scene and slowly move towards the soldier to attack him, the soldier then has to shoot the enemies to defend himself. So far I plan to make different the enemies with different strength so that some would require multiple shots to kill. I also plan to make different weapons with varying power for the soldier. He would either get these weapons by killing a certain amount of enemies, or collection spawning items in the scene, whether the upgraded weapons would have a duration I’m not entirely sure about.


To control the game, I was thinking to use a rotary encoder to control the direction of the soldier, and then use buttons to control the movement and shooting. Another idea I had was to use only buttons, so that it would be two buttons to move forward and backwards and two buttons to change direction and one for shooting. As a last idea I was think about incorporating all the controls into a joystick and only using that.

In the what I am trying to figure out, is whether the controls should be easy to use and the challenge is only in the game, or if I should make a challenge in the controls as well.


I created three different sprite sheets for possible characters in the game, one sheet for the soldier and two sheets for possible enemies.

Enemy - Low strength
Enemy – Low strength
Enemy - Medium strength
Enemy – Medium strength

Week 3


Space Invader

Very simple game, with a simple layout that is very pixelated. Game controls is limited to left and right and shoot, so the player can only move along one axis. The game seems to move at both a slow frame rate with a high, by this I mean, the player is moving smoothly, but the enemies “jumps” instead of moving slowly. I think the game is too simple, and limited, which quickly makes it, in my opinion, boring.

Donkey Kong

Also a very limited game in regards to control. Although in this game you can move along the y-axis because of the layout of the game, and because you can climb latters and jump. The setup is simple, but the game is moving much faster, which makes it harder than Space Invader. The fact that it is harder makes it more interesting in my opinion.


A classic game, which is super simple but very entertaining at the same time. It feels more like a top down game, where you can move along both axises. I find this game to be the most interesting of the three, since it keeps a good difficulty balance. Although in the long run it might become monotonous.


The game consist of a playing field in the middle, surrounded by information about the game, players, score etc. The game was is presented in the beginning with a cool motorcycle but when you get into the game it plays like snake. Which was a disappointment. Inside the game you win a round by surviving longer than the other player, by trying to block his path or waiting for him to make a mistake before yourself. When a player wins three rounds the player wins the game.


This game tries to setup a 3D playing fields, which resembles a pyramid. To win the round you have to touch every point of the pyramid by jumping up and down without falling off the edge and at the same time avoiding the falling/jumping enemies. The game is very simple, but I found it very difficult to control, since you jump the space in 45 degrees angles according to the keyboard controls, this made it very difficult for me to figure out which way I would be jump, since left and up keys jump up the pyramid and down and right key jumps down, which is not intuitiv in any way. This might be because the game is played on the computer. The world the game is played in is very simple without to much going on around the game.

In general I found the games very simple as they probably should be. The ones that tried to look like you could do more, but actually you couldn’t was at times very disappointing. I tried a couple of other games, and it seemed that if they were aiming to high, it failed because of the simple graphics and playing field. So I think it is very important to keep the game simple or be very considerate when trying to make a more complicated/sophisticated game.

Game Controller

I made to simple controllers, one with a joystick, that would do all the controls (push to fire), and another with buttons, where I reused an old game.

20160217_133117 20160217_133431

Week 2

Evolve Charmander!

For this week I build on the game we created during class. I changed the images/sprites, and added constraints to the scene. I furthermore added a score in the upper left corner, and instructions in the upper right corner. The purpose of the game is to defeat the Snorlaxes to evolve Charmander.

I added a flamethrower to the scene, coming from the player. I tried to get the flame to work as a projectile so that you could only beat the Snorlaxes by shooting them. But since I downloaded the flamethrower from the assets store as an 3D gameobject it could not detect collision with 2D colliders. I tried to change the script both for the flamethrower and the Snorlaxes, but I couldn’t get it to detect the collision. Another problem was that the script for the flamethrower was written in a different language, which didn’t seem to be straight C#.

Since the size and image of the different evolution are different, every time Charmander evolves, I redo the Collider to get it to fit, and change the position of the flame. I furthermore add the flame as a child to the player, so that it moves with the player.

When exporting the game to WebGL I had to change the size of the screen, so that it would fit in a browser setting.

The game can be found here.

Week 1

I took the the 2D UFO tutorial, because after starting on a different one, I found that the level of the tutorials was very different, and the UFO tutorial, was meant for beginners, which means they would explain the different functionalities and features of Unity along the way.

Try the game here

Movie scene assignment.

For the second assignment, I had some trouble when exporting/building the project, the lighting changed dramatically from the Unity editor to the WebGL player. I tried to change different settings but nothing seemed to work in the end. Also adding an image as a texture to like a cube, was done in a very strange way, which I doubt is the way to do it.